American Driving School - Driving Lesson Lindenhurst NY

Driving conditions in New York are brutal and it's no place for a beginner to learn on their own. We prepare you for all of the conditions you might encounter - before you encounter them. It's so much safer this way!

Experienced instruction

Driving can be nerve-racking in the beginning, but over time and with qualified instruction, you'll feel better. We have over 30 years of teaching success in our back pocket, so you know you'll graduate from us confident and knowledgeable.

• Defensive driving courses

• Road test practice

• Beginner courses

• Refresher courses

• Private lessons and more

Take the anxiety out of driving lessons

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Why use a driving school?

You may be uncertain about choosing a driving school, but we'll make it easier for you. Try us for less. Ask about our discount lesson packages and take the strain off your nerves and your wallet!

The best driving instruction:



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